4 Tips to Flourish in Your Business


In Drop the Ball, Tiffany Dufu shares her journey from perfectionist mom/career woman to freedom from her own and society's standards on doing it all. Along the way she developed four tips on thriving at work. Regardless of how many years you've been in business, these essentials are always handy for growth and quality of life. 

Her Four Go-tos:

Going to Sleep: she placed this as # 4 but I movied it to #1 because really, when we're sleep-deprived, the others are less effective. My tactic to ensure I get 8 hours of sleep: set an alarm for getting ready for bed. I need an alarm at night to get me to bed because I usually want to stay up and get another thing done...then another. Then my mind is so wired I have a hard time falling asleep. 

Going to Exercise: Exercise brings all kinds of mental and physical benefits. I embed exercise into my day by using a walk as the "second course" at lunch. That way I'm sure to not miss out. Plus I get the best epiphanies away from my desk, don't you? I also arrange walking coffee dates whenever possible.

Going to Lunch: Nurturing relationships with our network takes regular care and feeding. You wouldn't wait to plant a vegetable garden until you're hungry, right? After meeting someone I click with, I follow up with a handwritten card. I do this every Friday as part of my end-of-week ritual.

Going to Events: Build your visibility by reaching for micro and macro opportunities to practice public speaking skills. Last week I gave a three-minute presentation at our WIC meeting. What a great way to practice in front of such supportive women! Sponsor a future meeting so you too can showcase your business in front of our group.

Check out Drop the Ball for an insightful read on one woman's journey letting of perfect. What perfection standards have you dropped so you can focus on what matters most? Do you have rituals or habits that nourish your work life?