For the ambitious San Francisco professional, Avid At Work designs offices, organizes your work life, and teaches productivity skills so you can get things done. 

You get real, practical, and effective solutions that help you regain control of your work life and achieve your best work.


Your Personal Productivity Trainer

You've read the books and done the seminars. But those skills don't stick. Consider me your personal trainer. Together we clarify your highest goals and create strategies to get you there. You gain long-lasting time management and organizing skills that flow into the rest of your life and improve relationships with family, colleagues, and clients. I'm with you at every step so you're never alone.

An Office You Love Working In

From physical to mental, paper to digital, my custom solutions are consistent with your aims and personal style. By focusing on San Francisco’s distinctive design, craft, and technology pulse, I connect you with top-notch local resources tailored to your individual needs. 

It's Easier to Think Straight When You're Organized

When your office is in top form, your mind can relax and focus on your highest goals. I declutter and create brilliant organizing systems that sync with your unique working style. When form merges with function, your office looks and works beautifully.

    "When Everything is Important, What Do I Do First?"

    Too much to do. Not enough time. Your to-do list isn't working. In this fun and interactive workshop, you'll declutter your mind and get clear on how to move forward. You'll chart your priorities in a whole new way. You'll get a step-by-step system so you can achieve your most meaningful goals.